BNP Power is a Cambodian private commercial company, set up in 2012. BNP is a partner with signify Singapore PTE (Lighting Philips) for solar solutions, lighting solutions and UV-C disinfection. 

Our Vision is “Build Up Our Community Living With Safety, Green Energy and Clean Environment”.

Our Mission is “High Commitment To Provide The Renewable Energy With Affordable Price and Fair Market By Standard Quality and Professional Service.”


We start by listening to your requirements.


We then plan and design your solar system.


We will then come and install it for you.


We will also maintain your new system if you need.

Harvest the power of the sun!

Cambodia is a tropical country, close to the equator. Solar is perfect in this environment and you can power your home or business with a clean, renewable, energy source.

Solar for all your needs!

BNP Power can help with small communities off the power grid or even create a bespoke system for your business. Whatever you need, we can help you.